Turn your talent into a business
We are committed to empowering artists and providing the perfect platform to reach customers in every corner of the world.
At Nakshi, we strive to make it easy for our artists by providing advanced tools to boost business and multiple other benefits.

Upload Multiple Artworks in One Go

Upload thousands of Artworks using excel or CSV template in minutes. Refer upload guide to know more

Modify or Update Multiple Artworks

Update or modify Artwork details like Price,Stock, Shipping or licensing using excel or CSV file

Social Media Automation

Automate your social media posting and keep your followers and art lovers updated with new Artworks.

Virtual 3d Gallery

Create classic or modern virtual 3D art galley to showcase artwork and provide museum like experience

Bidding & Auction

Participate in online bidding or action with our Global online bidding engine and live auction cockpit

Art Rental

Participate in Art rental options and earn continuous income  without selling your original artwork

Artist Blog

Create and post blog articles on Nakshi and share it on social media as well to engage with prospective customers

Performance Dashboard

Artist Performance dashboard provides insightful details and analytics which help you improve your selling tactics and performance improvements

Engagement Tools

Customer engagement tools like Home Studio,Scrape book,Mock up tools that help in enhanced customer experience and engagement

Ready To Start Selling?

With no subscription fee and 0% commission to begin with, selling on Nakshi is a risk-free and easy way to start your online business and reach a global audience.