Refunds and Returns Policies

If you are an artist or a seller on Nakshi, then you need to state your Returns and Refunds policies in your Shop Policies page. These are also expected to fall in line with Nakshi's policies. Let buyers know how you, as a shop owner, manage and run your shop – including how you’d handle any issues or problems with a transaction.

Nakshi accepts refund, replace or return requests from buyers within 7 to 14 days from delivery of the item to the buyer. It is up to you as the artist or seller to maintain the integrity of such requests.

If you do have a problem with a transaction, it is best to contact the buyer via the Nakshi email portal. Buyers are also encouraged to contact you via the Nakshi email portal if they experience any issues.

1) Cancelling a Sale

After a buyer has placed an order, you can choose to accept or reject delivery from your end.

As an artist, you cannot cancel a sale for any of your items after a buyer has placed an order and you have accepted it. It is your prerogative to maintain availability for each of your listed items.

Any cancellation of a sale from your end, after you have accepted an order placed by a buyer, will be considered a violation of Nakshi's terms and may result in financial penalties.

You should immediately update any changes in your inventory or stock for each of your listed items via your dashboard on Nakshi.

If you choose to reject an order after a buyer has placed it, it is recommended that you attach a detailed note to the buyer, in addition to choosing the reason for cancellation, to further explain why the sale could not be successfully completed.

An order can be rejected from your end under unavoidable circumstances, provided you report the said circumstances immediately to Nakshi via the email portal.

Nakshi reserves the right to take action, such as delisting of an artist or seller, for multiple order rejections.

2) Contacting a Buyer after an Order

To cancel an order from your end, explain a delay or enquire about a return or refund request placed, you can contact a buyer from the Nakshi email portal.

The portal allows you to send an email to a buyer’s Nakshi inbox.

3) Refunding a transaction through Direct Checkout or PayPal

When refunding a sale, you can choose from Direct Checkout or PayPal options to reimburse the buyer.

Direct Checkout will reimburse the amount to the buyer via the original payment method used to place the order.

The PayPal option will refund the amount to the buyer’s PayPal account. This option will be available to you for only those refunds where the buyer has specified a PayPal account.

4) Currency conversions

For any and all refunds, the amount sent to the buyer will be equivalent to the amount paid for the order in the buyer’s currency. The refund amount will not be subject to either inflation or deflation in the exchange values in the financial market.

5) Payment in case of damaged goods while shipping

The full amount due to an artist or a seller, after deduction of fees and taxes from the sale price of an item, will be paid to you by Nakshi in case of a refund or return claim where the reasons for such are found to be outside the seller’s control (i.e. if the logistics partner is found to be at fault).

Please follow the steps outlined in “Shipping and Delivery Policy” to ensure that the quality of the item when shipping from your end is assured. Nakshi may ask for evidence from you regarding the condition of the item at the time of shipping; these are outlined in the mentioned policy.

6) Insufficient balance in account for refund

If you have insufficient funds in your Nakshi account to process a refund, then Nakshi reserves the right to recover the amount by deducting it from the sale price of any of your other confirmed orders, in addition to the 5% fees deduction for them.

7) Return or refund due to logistics error

If an item is processed for a return or refund due to mishandling of the item by our logistics partners and damage caused by that, there is no deduction in the revenue earned by you, the seller.

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