Shipping and Delivery Policies
  • After customer places order for any artwork/s or product/s, Artist or Seller or Service provider will get order notification via registered email and message inbox on
  • Once order notification is received, Artist or Seller or Service provider need to accept or approve the order within 24 hours.
  • In order to ensure safe delivery of artwork/s or product/s, NAKSHI has partnered with reputed international logistics service provider companies like DHL, FedEx etc. These companies have expertise and infrastructure to assure delivery to customers from any corner of the world.
  • Artist or Seller or Service provider must have entered estimated order pick up date while uploading your artwork or products. From the date of order approval, within set number of working days, all artwork/s or product/s needs to be appropriately packed and kept ready to be picked up by DHL, FEDEX or any other logistics service provider partner.
  • Artist or Seller or Service provider is responsible for appropriate packaging suitable for international shipping. In case of unframed and unmounted artwork like painting, photography and art prints on different medium need to be rolled up in protective cylinders before shipping. Any Art work/s or products that are framed (in glass or otherwise) or are susceptible to breakage need to be packed in protective layers of bubble–wrap and other such anti–shock material so that they are delivered undamaged. It is recommended to use fiberglass or transparent acrylic sheets to frame an artwork/s or products in place of traditional glass to avoid breakages. More packaging guidelines can be found on our logistics partner‘s website/s.
  • We strongly recommend to do final inspection before handing over packed artwork /s or product/s to logistics partner. Artist or Sellers or Service Providers are encouraged to take 2 pictures – one before packing and other after packing is completed. This is for settling any return or refund claims that might be made or citation of damaged goods. Retain these images with you for future use as evidence, if required.
  • Once packaging is completed and ready to be picked up,Artist/Seller/Service providers need to mark status as shipment ready on the NAKSHI Dashboard page. The package will then be picked up by one of our logistics service providers from your registered pick up address.
  • If you anticipate delays in making order ready to be picked up then you need to notify 48 hours before to NAKSHI operations team via email ( and also need to update new Pick up date on NAKSHI dashboard page. To support your genuine issues and without soiling your seller ranking, you need to provide legitimate reasons for the delays.
  • Shipping and Handling charges will be charged at actual with maximum up to 5% of Sale price to Artist or Seller. Amount excesses of 5% of sale price will not be borne by Artist or Seller.
  • It is the seller‘s responsibility to maintain the assurance of availability of products once they are listed on the website.
  • Nakshi reserves the right to terminate the membership of an Artist or seller in case of repeated failures to honor timeline for customer orders, returns or complaints.
  • Customers are advised, not to accept or open package if it is damaged, tampered or opened and instead bring it to notice of delivery person of logistics service provider.
  • Customers need to report via customer support email ( any damage of artwork/products within 24 hours with proper evidence (photograph) of before opening and after opening the package on order to consider it for further investigation. All return, replacement or refund claims need to be filled within 7 days of receipt and acceptance of delivery of ordered artwork/s or product/s.

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